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To get the most out of this toolkit...


  1. Download and listen to the audiobook (43 minutes).

  2. Download and print off all the PDFs.

  3. Spend a day observing what light's your child's fuse and take notes on  the Tantrum Taming Tracker.
  1. Pick ONE of the tantrum taming technique covered in this toolkit and use it with your child.

  2. Using the Tantrum Tracker, write down the results of using the tantrum taming technique you selected for the day.

DAY 3 And Beyond...

  1. Continue implementing the different tantrum techniques with your child. 
  2. KEEP GOING!  Some days will be easier than others, but as long as you keep working on dealing with tantrums using these positive techniques, it WILL GET BETTER!   
  3. Be patient with your child and yourself.  You are BOTH learning new skills.
  4. Keep an eye out in your email for more tips and ideas to help you tame tantrums.

The Tantrum Taming Summary is a great reference that covers all of the key details of Tantrum Taming.  This is a great refresher when you don't have time to re-listen to the audiobook.

The Tantrum Taming Workbook is a list of questions designed to help you internalize the different tools covered in this toolkit.  Print this off and take a few minutes to go through and answer the questions after listening to the audio.

About The Toolkit

The Tantrum Taming Checklist is your "one-stop, get-what-you-need-in-a-glance" tool.  Print this off and post it to your fridge (or another place you will look frequently throughout the day) so you can quickly refresh the different techniques when you need them.

The Tantrum Taming Tracker will help you pinpoint the major triggers of your child's tantrums.  Once you understand more of the WHY, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW's of your child's meltdowns, it will be much easier to prevent future meltdowns...

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