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"I  Will Show You

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  • Do you wish it was as easy as waving a magic wand to diffuse your child's tantrums?
  • Do your child's tantrums leave you feeling frustrated and out of control? 
  • Do your child's tantrums make you dread leaving the park, going to the store, and other daily activities?

I felt the same way until I solved the problem. Read and I'll show you how I did it....

"While six months pregnant, with a swollen belly, aching back, and very little left in the way of patience, my first son entered the "terrible twos" with a vengeance
Exhausted from my pregnancy, frustrated from such a sudden and dramatic change in behavior in my child, I was at my wit's end!"

Up to my eyeballs with frustration, I knew I had a BIG problem and I needed to find a solution to tame these tantrums!

"I spent countless hours studying

this problem because I am
a mom of two toddlers and I needed to tame tantrums so I could save my sanity and enjoy my life!"

My name is Kirsten Nelson and I am the founder of, author of "Parenting By The Minute," contributor to an online parenting magazine, but most importantly, a Professional Mother of two boys, so I know all about dealing with tantrums.

It really pains me to see other parents struggling with tantrums and not knowing what to do, when all they want is to love and nurture their child, and to make it through the day without countless  toddler (and parental) meltdowns!

I know how frustrated and desperate they feel because I have been in their shoes.  And out of my own frustration and desperation I was determined to find a positive parenting solution to these temper tantrums ... and I DID!

"What I Am Going To
Share With You
Is A Real Treat..."

Now you, too, can make parenting easier, less stressful, and a whole lot more fun... without spending years of your life studying child psychology or spending thousands of dollars in counseling!
I'm sure like the millions of other frustrated parents out there, you dread the thought of yet another day full of temper tantrums, outbursts, and drama that we so often experience of parents of young children and you long for proven positive parenting techniques that tame the madness and are quick and easy to implement.

"Amazing Secrets Discovered
By One Mom Tames Tantrums,
Reduces Outbursts, and Decreases Drama ... In Minutes A Day!"

If you are a parent at the end of your rope and frustrated by all the fighting, whining, and stress and just want to enjoy your toddler without all the drama ... you are in the right place!

What if I told you...

There are a few simple things you can change that will revolutionize parenting as you know it and give you a peaceful home and a toddler that is a joy to be around?  

Would you be interested?

Do You Want ...

Less fighting, whining, tantrums, screaming, outbursts,  and drama?

Less stress from dealing with all the craziness of a child you can't control?

Relief from aggravation, helplessness, hopelessness and overwhelm?

Easy techniques that will give you results almost overnight?

I Have The Solution To Your Dilemma!

"Why Do You Want To
Listen To Me?"

 Well-known American author, Richard David Bach, once said, "You teach best what you most need to learn."


"You teach best what you most need to learn."

~Richard David Bach

After entering planet parenthood,  I realized that there was
A LOT to learn about parenting!  So that’s what I did!  I desperately needed to learn how to survive parenting and now I am ready to teach you! 

I’ve spent half a decade of my life and well over $50,000 on education to figure out how to solve the parenting problems that were sapping my energy and patience and, frankly, driving me NUTS!

I've studied extensively with parenting and human potential experts.

I have interviewed numerous experts in the field.

I am an author of a parenting book and co-host of the highly informative & entertaining K'nA Chat Cafe Parenting Podcast.

Most importantly, I'm a mom - I know how hard it can be!

In short, I've been where you are and feel your pain!  I've spent a ton of time and a grip of cash searching for solutions to my parenting problems ... and I want to share with you the secrets I've learned that have changed parenting as I know it!

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Here's what people are saying...

"Kirsten Nelson is a genius 'mom-preneur.' "  

Kirsten Nelson is a genius "mom-preneur."  She is warm, fun, funny and wise. 

Kirsten tells it like it is and shares her own struggles, joys, fears and solutions as a mother and entrepreneur. 

Listen up!  You will laugh as she relates her experiences, recognize your own doubts and questions and learn from her wisdom.   

~Anne Pustil
Coach and Therapist

Founder of Coaching In A Nutshell

B.C. Vancouver


I know that you have no desire --or time-- to go through the hassle of going back to college to get a degree in child psychology ... after all, you're busy raising the future of the world along with all the laundry, dishes, and struggling to hang on to your sanity (which is holding on by a thread) ... all you want to do is to stop the drama and maybe even have some fun together as a family!

In fact, if you're like the majority of parents out there, you'd be happy if you could just leave the park or store without whining, tantrums, or that "just try and make me" look from your toddler ... Isn't that right?

Unfortunately, as you've probably already realized...

"Well-Behaved Kids
Don't Raise Themselves
Without A Little Bit Of Help!"

Have you ever heard this great saying? ...

"I was a great mom before I had kids..."

Why is it so much harder than we ever imagined?

 "Here Are 3 Reasons Why
Most Parents Feel Caught off Guard
and Unprepared For Parenting
(Regardless of How Many
Parenting Books You've Read!)"

1. Your child didn't come with a manual

This kind of manual would be so HUGE it would fill up two nurseries ... when would you have time to read it?

2. Every child is different

Even if there were a manual for parenting, every kid is different and your manual would only apply to 2% of the kids out there ... (and your kid wouldn't be part of that 2%)!

3. The world looks different from the
    driver's seat

And it's a whole new world when YOU are the one responsible for the child that is putting their heart and soul into winning the award for "Best Tantrum in a Public Place" ...

 So if you are one of the millions of frustrated parents, know that you are not alone!

"Is A Peaceful Home Where
You Can Make It Through
The Day Without Endless
Outbursts & Tantrums Just A
Stress-Induced Pipe Dream?"

I am here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's NOT another load of laundry!

Through my extensive studies, I have uncovered so many solutions to the aggravating aspects of parenting young kids and childhood behavioral issues and I decided it was time to crack open the vault on these parenting secrets.

 "Because I Want To
Help You Discover Just
How Easy and Fun
Parenting Can (And Should) Be!"

 All it takes is a proven system that you, or anyone else, can easily implement into your busy life.

Once I share with you the tips and techniques I have discovered, you will have the tools to begin transforming your hectic home into heaven on earth!

How can a simple parenting system do that for you?

Easy! Because this system ...

Targets the key problem areas most parents with tantrums in toddlers face and gives you
practical, real-life solutions that you can actually use and that actually work!

And let's face it ...

"You Know You'll
Enjoy Parenting Much More
When You've Stopped Stressing
Over All The Drama!"

And that's exactly why I created this toolkit!  I want to help you stop the madness and be able to enjoy your kids!  We all know how fast they grow up ... so let me help you enjoy these precious years before they slip through your fingers.

"The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

It's a revolutionary parenting course that is designed to fill your parenting tool belt with the tools that are essential to solve the stressful situations in parenting a toddler throwing tantrums that cause you grief and sap your energy.

  • Apply these simple strategies...

  • And then enjoy the transformation in yourself and in your child...

  • All the materials are based around solving the major problems you face as a parent of a young child. 

"Stop Enduring Drama And Stress
In Parenting And Get This
Step-By-Step Guide Today
So You Can Save Your Sanity And
Find The Joy In Parenting!"

In this revolutionary parenting toolkit, I will reveal the Top Tantrum Taming Secrets that will not only help you understand your child but will also help you and your toddler enjoy each other more. 

But first I want to tell you what inspired me to create this course...

"I was frayed around the edges and strung so tightly I felt ready to snap in half..." 

"After my second son was born, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed and felt like a hollow shell of a person.  I didn't even recognize my haggard reflection in the mirror.

The combination of the stress of being a mom of a "tantrum throwing 2-year-old" and a new born, severe sleep deprivation, and a thyroid disorder left me a complete train wreck. 

I was frayed around the edges and strung so tightly I felt ready to snap in half at the slightest breeze. Overcome with frustration
by the seeming lack of answers that actually worked with my kids. I was desperate for something that worked!

Parenting seemed like such a huge job
and I didn't even know where to start!  Then I discovered some simple, yet key areas, that were making things harder than they had to be and were preventing me from enjoying my job as a mom.
I was -shocked- at how easy and effective these strategies were.

Now I know how fun and easy parenting can be!  I'm able to prevent tantrums and quickly diffuse outbursts that do crop upMy boys play nicely together and the number of tantrums they have has been dramatically reduced.   - No magic wand required! 

 "If You've Ever Wished That
You Could Find Some
Parenting Solutions That
Actually Work
AND That
Are As Slick To Use
As a Baby's Wet Bottom ...

...Then This Is The Most
Important Thing
You will Ever Read!"


What Can "The Tantrum Taming Toolkit" Do For You?

Find the joy in parenting - yes! it's possible in just minutes
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Stress Less! I will reveal the mistakes parents make that actually make tantrums worse (and how to stop making them).

Discover how to raise happy kids who love to be with you
       and each other

Enjoy less whining, tantrums, and drama.

Overcome the overwhelm of parenting with these
       great tips to managing the chaos.

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From the date of purchase you have 90 days to find out why "The Tantrum Taming Toolkit" is your fastest, easiest way to raise happy, well-behaved kids. 

You will probably see improvements in your child’s behaviors in just days or weeks. But sometimes it can take a bit longer.  

So check out "The Tantrum Taming Toolkit!" at your leisure for 90 Days.  

By that time you should be enjoying dramatic improvements in your toddler's behaviors and having more fun and less stress as a family.  

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You WIN by learning how to solve the most aggravating problems in parenting, and I LOSE a student for life ... but I do hope we'll still part as friends.  Sound fair enough?


How can I afford to be so generous? Easy — so far, every single person I know of who has experienced the relief and joy of finally figuring out how to interact with your toddler has been using these techniques every day since… with results that really change lives!

So I am pretty darned confident it can work for you, too.

Think about it:
Standing there with a smile on your face, watching your child excitedly doing what you just asked, laughing and playing instead of whining and screaming, all from spending just a few minutes a day applying these techniques… that would be something, wouldn't it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee! I am a parenting expert, and believe strongly in offering quality material that will help you navigate this parenting jungle and making it fun along the way.

Perhaps more important, I'm a mom, just like you — and I honestly want to share these amazing parenting strategies with you, and I don't want you to have to worry about getting "taken" or anything.

I've been "gyped" with phony experts trying to get me to buy into their phony junk before. It's hard to find someone you can trust. That's why I am being so generous.

So order now. You have nothing to lose… and man-oh-man, are you ever gonna enjoy your kids a heck of a lot more in a short time!


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"Kirsten, you are a dynamo!
You are really on to something here!

"After I used one of the tips Kirsten gave me, my daughter said,'Wow, Mom! That's pretty cool. You got to the heart of the matter just like that!'"

~Kellie Frasier

Founder of Connecting, LLC

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