What Is Parenting By The Minute?

Parenting is a BIG Job

You’ve probably come to the same conclusion I have that parenting is the toughest, most rigorous job you will ever have. You probably also realize that parenting is also the most rewarding job you will ever have, too. Nothing like a slightly slobbery kiss or a little voice saying “I love you!” to make your heart melt into a little pile of love-goo on the floor (thank heavens for wet-wipes!).

How to Raise Amazing Children Amidst the Chaos of Everyday Life

Feeling Overwhelmed?

So how are you supposed to do it all? We have so much on our plates these days with work, home, kids, football practice, ballet practice, piano lessons, etc. etc. etc. How are we supposed to raise amazing children when we can barely squeeze in time for a shower some days? (And forget having the home Martha Stewart polished!)

Do You Have a Minute?

Literally, do you have a minute? That’s all I’m talking about is 60 seconds a day. That is all it takes to have a meaningful interaction with your child that will have a lasting impact on their life.

A Whale of a Tale

Parenting by the Minute is taking small fractions of time, just one minute a day, and really interact with your child and teach them about the amazing world we live in.  This is like eating the proverbial whale one bite at a time. You have a huge job as a parent! Parenting by the Minute takes that huge job and breaks it down into bite size chunks. If you can eat a whale one bite at a time, you can raise amazing successful children 60 seconds at a time.

Tick, tick, tick…

The window of opportunity to teach our children is so short! Childhood flies by faster than a rocket ship headed for the moon. It is so important to take those small moments between the big moments in life and fill them with meaningful interactions. Parenting by the Minute will show you how to do that. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…this can be fun!  And it should be!  So dive in and find out just how easy Parenting by the Minute can be. You will have a blast doing it!

How Do You Get Started?

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