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Kirsten Nelson’s successes with her own kids in and in her coaching, combined with how she’s taken hew own life’s experiences and her sincere love of helping moms have led her to become a highly sought after coach and teacher.

Kirsten can share with you how she’s helped other moms — and how she can help you dust off your dreams and enjoy your kids more through her writings and coaching.

In the meantime, here’s what people are saying about the power of Kirsten’s life, work, and message.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that children get it much faster than adults if the adults can learn to give them the right information…I’ve come across something that Kirsten Nelson has been building. She is teaching children how to use their mental faculties…I think the work Kirsten is doing is incredible. I recommend you take a very close look at it.

~Bob Proctor, Founder of Life Success Productions ~ Dad of 3


I have just started implementing some of the temper taming strategies, and I must say WOW!! Such simple, easy concepts, which are amazingly effective.

The Tantrum Taming Summary really put things into perspective for me. With being employed full time/full time mom/ full time homemaker it’s hard to take a moment to really see things for what they truly are. I find myself being over-analytical at times which makes it very difficult to see things from my child’s perspective.

I have gone a day-and-a-half without one major melt down, which is VERY rare around my house. I’m excited to keep on going… I feel I have a new confidence and understanding in my parenting abilities… and it’s only the beginning!

~Jazmine, Mom of 1

I want to thank you for the great work you are doing, Kirsten. Parents- I encourage you to keep listening to Kirsten’s programs.

~Mary Manin Morrissey, founder of Life SOULutions, LLC, Mom of 2



Thanks for creating the Tantrum Taming Toolkit!  I am a better mom for it!
~Christina, Mom of 3

Kirsten Nelson is a genius “mom-preneur.”  She is warm, fun, funny and wise and tells it like it is as she shares her own struggles, joys, fears and solutions as a mother and entrepreneur. Listen up!  You will laugh as she relates her experiences, recognize your own doubts and questions and learn from her wisdom.

~Anne Pustil, Coach and Therapist, Founder of Coaching In A Nutshell
B.C. Vancouver


Thanks for this one Kirsten! Hit the nail on the head today.

Ariana (age 2) was having a ridiculous meltdown in front of her Aunt and I. My first reaction was to send her to time out but I stopped remembering what I had read this morning. I squatted down to her level, which technically was head on the kitchen floor, LOL!

Me: “Ariana honey are you angry because Mommy didn’t help you up on the big chair right away?”
A: *nodding snotty face* “Yeah.”
Me: “Would it make you happy if mommy helped you?”
A: “Yep.”
Me: “Okay let’s get off the messy floor and we can get up on the big chair. All you have to do next time is ask mommy for  help.”

I got a big hug from the teary eyed snotty nosed tot and all was well. My sister stood in awe and asked when I became a child physiologist?! LOL! Told her I’ve got this awesome mommy friend who gives me all the secrets!

Thanks so much for helping me understand myself and these peanuts!

You are so blessed!
~Christina, Mom of 3

After I used one of the tips Kirsten gave me, my daughter said,’Wow, Mom! That’s pretty cool. You got to the heart of the matter just like that!'”

~Kellie Frasier, Founder of Connecting, LLC


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