Track Record

My career as a professional mom and work-at home entrepreneur led me to where I am today.

My insatiable need for more than changing diapers, kissing “owwies,” and folding bottomless piles of laundry pushed me to find positive parenting solutions to regain some order in a life that my kids shook like a snow globe.

These solutions helped me solve the common struggles parents face in raising kids including getting your your child to sleep through the night, taming temper tantrums, and other frustrating child behaviors.

I started enjoying being a mom. Because these solutions helped me move out of “crisis management” with my kids’ behaviors, I had the time to do things I enjoyed again.

By discovering the importance of living my own dreams in the midst of motherhood, I’ve filled my own cup by learning all I can about parenting and sharing what has worked for me with other moms.

At heart I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m at my best when I’m learning and coming up with ideas for new solutions to make life easier and more fun. And now sharing those solutions and giving help for parents to help them move from survive to thrive through my products, services, and writing.

Here are a few highlights from my story:

  • I’m a mom of two boys. My kids have taught me more about myself, life, and my ability to love than all my college professors combined. Many of these lessons have been tough and more than a bit painful. They’ve tested my patience, pushed me past my limits, and left me scrambling for solutions. I was up to my neck in the ocean of parenting. It was sink or swim.  I had two choices: find parenting solutions or lose my mind. I chose to find solutions. While my boys’ life lessons have been rigorous, their lessons in love have filled my heart with love.
  • Graduated with Honors in Business Finance from Boise State University. The training I received from BSU helped to give me the resources I would need to step into the entrepreneurial world and the business smarts to make it work.
  • Co-founder of the Positive Parenting Network. Together with my business partner, Ana Seidel, we created the Positive Parenting Network as a resource for parents searching for positive solutions to parenting children in a new millennium.
  • Studied with some of the world’s Top Thought Leaders. Mentors including Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli, and Alex Mandossian and others shared their experiences, wisdom, knowledge of human potential, and how to create an amazing life.
  • Read over 100 parenting books. When I get backed up against a wall with the struggles that pop up in parenting, I put my research hat on and get to work. I firmly believe that for every question there is at least one answer, and for every problem there is a positive solution. I set my sights on my desired solution and don’t stop till I reach it.
  • Interviewed top parenting experts. I want the best for my kids. So I learned from the best. I’ve had the privilege to interview leading parenting experts, including Ashley Merriman and Po Bronson, authors of the New York Time’s bestseller Nurture Shock.
  • Created the Tantrum Taming Toolkit. One of those “sink or swim” periods in parenting arose when my oldest entered the “terrible two’s.” Six months pregnant with baby #2, I needed positive solutions to my son’s tantrums and I needed them quick. I discovered a group of methods that gave incredible results and helped me to soothe my son, get to the heart of the matter, and quickly diffuse the drama. I led a group of moms through a case study, helping them apply these strategies with their own toddlers. Their successes confirmed that yes, you can easily and peacefully tame a tantrum without yelling, spanking, time outs, or other punishments.

After seeing dramatic results in the behavior of my own kids, I knew I had to share the things I’ve learned with other moms. So, I put on my entrepreneur’s hat, took what I’ve learned in researching and working in the trenches of motherhood and created the Tantrum Taming Tookit and Sleep, Baby, Sleep Series to help you regain control of your life, enjoy your kids more, and create the space for you to dust off your own dreams.  As other moms have found out, when you do, you will be a the kind of mom you really want to be, a more fulfilled woman, and create an amazing life full of sweet memories that will last a lifetime. You can do this. I’m here to help.

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