Meet Kirsten

Meet Kirsten

Hey there! My name is Kirsten Nelson. I’m a professional mom, a wife, and a mom-preneur. My husband and I spent eight years together before we started a family.

Our lives were following a very structured path. Getting married, taking time to play, a fun and challenging job, college … next step: kids.

I graduated with honors from Boise State University with a degree in Business Finance. I took my entrepreneurial skills and started a career at home so I could stay home and raise my babies.

The American dream, right?

It sounds like I had it easy. But I didn’t. Not even close. I’ve had my fair share of tears, struggles, and heartache – to say the least. I realized “the American Dream” wasn’t my dream. I’d lost myself in motherhood, living someone else’s dream.

I refused to believe that my purpose in life was to give up everything I loved until my kids were 18. I tried living that life. It was living my life dying. I was determined to show my kids how to find and live their own dreams by setting that example.

Despite the struggles of being a mom to two very young and active boys, balancing work, home and laundry, I never gave up. I worked countless late at nights while my boys slept, I devoured books, and crammed in extra amounts of learning into my already busy days.

It’s been an intense learning process filled with bumps and bruises along my journey. Yet through all my studies and efforts, my boys have been my greatest teachers, revealing many painful truths about me and about living in today’s world.

As I’ve worked to uncover my own dreams, I’ve watched so many other women sacrificing everything for their families, leaving nothing for themselves.

You see, in my life, I’ve had an interesting track record.

I felt trapped by motherhood, resentful toward my kids for my own personal sacrifices, and guilty for not radiating maternal bliss through all the struggles of parenting. But I refused to surrender to resentment and guilt and spend my lifetime wrongfully taking out my frustrations on my kids. They deserved better than that. I deserved better than that.

I learned that by living my own dreams, I became a better mom, a better wife, and a better person. I learned I could live a full and satisfying life AND be a mom.  And I learned it was okay to ditch the guilt in the process. But this isn’t just about me. This is about you. This is about your kids. This is about their future and yours.

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  1. As my mom always says, motherhood is not for everybody. If it is not the biggest dream of a person in life, then that womam should not be a mother. And this ideia of raising a children untill 18 is the most ridiculous ideia ever. A mother is for life, as long as a son. You may think that I’m wrong, but when you get older, you’ll understand, even though you may not admit it. And all of those structured paths will not matter anymore.
    American dream… haha that’s the greatest joke ever. Life is unpredictable and hard, when not sad.
    I really wish you big happiness.

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