Suddenly–A Frenchman On My Hand! (another random and fun activity for kids)

Fun Kids' Activities - Hand PuppetsA couple of weeks ago, we welcomed an additional member to our family. Nope. No more babies. No pets. Not even a pet rock.

We did, however, add a new friend. Pierre.

He’s this cute little French guy that shows up on my hand. Let me tell you the story…

My oldest son Eli, AKA the Dolphin, has been having a tough time with a lot of things. We are going through diagnosis for Sensory Integration Disorder currently, and hope that we are able to find some answers and solutions. (I’m reading a really good book on the phenomenon right now, Sensational Kids. I recommend it.) Suffice it to say, it sure as heck hasn’t been easy around our house the past 4 or 5 months!

The other night we were having a particularly hard time with Eli. He was not happy and was not cooperating and I was at my wits’ end. (I seem to be spending a lot of time here these days. Which explains a lot about me, actually *insert half crazed cackle here* :)). When everything else failed miserably to help my little Dolphin, a random mustached Frenchman appeared to save the day!

I grabbed the nearest marker, which happened to be a purple washable Crayola, drew a face on my hand and began speaking with a ridiculous French accent. (Yep, my high school French was sure paying off big time!)

This was enough of a ridiculous distraction that Eli was able to pull himself out of his sensory/overwhelm funk and start laughing and get ready for bed. *whew* Whenever Eli or Xander would try and touch Pierre’s mustache, Pierre would scold and shout in his French accent, “NOT THE MUS-TACHE!!! You do not simply go around touching another man’s mustache!” To this day, a quick “not the mustache” is still enough to send both boys into gales of laughter.

That night Pierre helped brush the kids’ teeth, read bedtime stories (he’s a pretty great narrator), talked to them about their favorite snuggle toys and gave them both a goodnight kiss.

Pierre has been a regular guest in our house since then. The boys often request that he come out to help them eat breakfast or do silly things.

Here’s What You Need to Make Your Own Hand Puppet

  • 1 marker
  • 1 hand (duh :))
  • 1 ridiculous accent of your choice

Simply draw a face on your hand and start jabbering! That’s it!

It’s been pretty cool using Pierre to diffuse frustration, mediate disputes and battles, and reading stories at night. And another cool bonus for me has been dusting the cobwebs out of the part of my brain that knew how to speak French (once upon a time.) It’s been a fun opportunity to teach the kids a little bit of another language. I love hearing them mimic their own bad French accent while conversing with each other via hand puppets.

Give it a go! See how your kiddos respond. And I’d love to hear from you if you invite a hand puppet into your home this evening. What did he/she look like? Any fun quirks your puppet exhibits? What did your kids think?



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